• Middle East Union
  • Middle East Union
  • Middle East Union
Our purpose is to bring the Middle Eastern countries together and make the Middle East one single power by unitying the Middle Eastern people. Thus, both the blood and tears in the geography of the Middle East will end, and a very important step will have been taken to bring tranquility and peace to the whole world.
The countries in the Middle East will continue to maintain their own existences, however they will bring peace, tranquility and welfare to the Middle Eastern territories by collaborating under the umbrella of UNITED MIDDLE EAST that they will establish by coming together. It is quite possible for the Middle Eastern countries to establish a unity in which nobody will oppress and try to dominate others in the framework of brotherhood law.

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Integration Law

Enacting laws that will enable the Middle Eastern countries coming together and uniting within the framework of common sense and on the basis of Equity and Justice, and introducing regulations providing them to live in unity and solidarity is of course possible.

Economic Integration

In case the economic integration of the Middle Eastern countries is provided, a great economic power will emerge. This huge economy will enable all Middle Eastern countries developing in a very short time and experiencing a rapid increase in welfare.

Social Integration

Middle Eastern people will unite in the material and moral association atmosphere resulting from carrying the same social genetic codes, with the awareness that they have a common geography, common past and common culture. The future of the Middle Eastern people, which become inseparable parts of each other, is common from now on.

Military Integration

If the Middle Eastern countries use their military power to eradicate global powers from the Middle East by combining their armed forces, and to annihilate their enemies, who collaborate with global powers inside and outside, the exploitation system cooked up in the Middle East will terminate.

Political Integration

The world needs a great power that will rule with Equity and Justice. This power is the United Middle East. If the Middle Eastern countries come together and unite, they will be a great power, and they will bring peace, tranquility and welfare to the World.

Cultural Integration

If the Middle Eastern countries unite at the center of Middle Eastern identity, which is shaped by the cultural and art experiences they produced altogether, by means of their interwoven civilization experiences since they made the same historical journey, they will reach to the capacity to build a new civilization.

Perception of the Middle East

The negative “Perception of the Middle East”, which have arisen as a result of the events experienced in the past couple of centuries and the systematical efforts of the global powers, will recover its deserved prestige in a shortest time by means of considerable breakthroughs and important developments that will be realized in social, political, economic, cultural, art, technologic and etc. areas.


Evilness and ruthlessness of the global powers drown the entire world in blood and tears. Middle East has been one of the geographies exposed to the violence of global powers.  If the Middle Eastern countries come together and unite, this persecution will end and the imperialist hegemony will disappear.