What Do We Think ?

Things are getting complicated in the Middle East each passing day. The Middle Eastern territories continue to be washed with blood and tears. Wars incessantly go on. A game is played that will not end until all the Middle East drenches in blood and surrenders to chaos.
We could not look on this situation of the Middle East. We could not watch the dramatic end of the Middle East by sitting around. While the humanity is slaughtered and the human dignity is disregarded, we could not remain insensitive. We could not turn a deaf ear while screams were rising from everywhere, heartbreaking clamors were screaming the place down, and weepings were echoing here there and everywhere. We could not close our eyes while the tears of innocent people flooded, hunger and misery spread all over. We could not ignore those territories in which there was no any single day without blood, the news of death became ordinary, people's lives were disregarded. We could not turn our back if mothers could not sing lullaby, if children could not smile, if fathers could not bring bread to home and if all these were experienced around us. Besides, while we were in the same ship... We could not watch the fire while the lower deck was going up in flames.
The Middle East was sick. It must have been diagnosed and treated. In fact, the diagnosis was clear at the beginning and known by everyone. But, the people could not express this either due to their ignorance or fear.
The diagnosis of the illness of the Middle East was very simple: "Disunity". There were a lot of countries in the Middle East. Such countries that paid no attention to each other, disregarded each other and even treated each other as an enemy. There was no benefit of the Disunited Middle Eastern countries either to themselves or their neighbors. Except one or two of these, the rest of the Middle Eastern countries have become a putty in the hands of the global powers. And these countries torture their peoples. Unfortunately, the number of the Middle Eastern countries, that kill their citizens, torture, bother their peoples with their oppressive and deterrent policies, is not few in this geography.
Actually, the treatment of the Middle East is known as is its diagnosis: "To Unite". The Middle East, that is united within itself, can solve every issue by itself. The geography of the Middle East, which has become a playground for the global powers, can spoil the game by the collaboration of the Middle Eastern countries. A United Middle East can minimize the effect of the global powers in this geography. There can be established such state mechanisms, that make their own decisions, set out the best activities for their countries, and function for the benefit of their people, in the Middle East. However, it is not possible to execute them alone. It cannot be expected the global powers to allow that for the sake of humanity. It is not a simple task that the people and state band together and embrace each other. On the contrary, it is a very tough and difficult job. This difficulty can be overcome by the liaising of the Middle Eastern countries.


The only deficiency missed in the Middle East, where its diagnosis and treatment are known, to find a solution is the "Willpower and Determination To Think Together". If the Middle Eastern countries, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Omani, Jordan and Yemen can show the willpower of thinking together and maintain that ambitiously, the Middle East can gain its strength.
We wish that the heads of governments in the Middle East can come together and put their willpower and determination to think together. But, it seems a little difficult for our wish to be realized in this environment. In this case, the Middle Eastern peoples have to take care of their own futures. If the heads of the governments cannot see the truth or ignore it even though they see it, the Middle Eastern people will tell the heads of governments what to do. The Middle Eastern peoples will exhibit the willpower required for the unity of the Middle East.
What is needed to do today is to turn the Middle East into one single power by unifying the Middle East. Thus, both the blood and tears in the geography of the Middle East will end, and a very important step will have been taken to bring tranquility and peace to the whole world.
By the possible unity in the Middle East, the Middle Eastern countries will continue to maintain their own existences, however they will bring peace, tranquility and welfare to the Middle Eastern territories by collaborating under the umbrella of the "United Middle East" that they will establish by coming together. It is quite possible for the Middle Eastern countries to establish a unity in which nobody will oppress and try to dominate others in the framework of brotherhood law.
The idea of United Middle East is the first step taken towards unity. The idea of United Middle East is the start of a process. What kind of unification to achieve will be shaped within the framework of the thoughts and willpowers of the Middle Eastern people. The Middle Eastern peoples will fictionalize the best "Unity" for themselves.

Bülent Köse