Addressing the Middle Eastern Peoples



Billions of people lived on earth throughout the history of humanity. Some of these people came together and composed large communities and created their own great civilizations. Some of them lived under the shadow of other civilizations established by other communities as they could not succeed to be a community, or even if they succeeded to be a community, they could not succeed to create their own civilizations. The world history explains the story of interaction between these communities and civilizations.
The Middle East is a geography that always has been at the foreground. The people lived there succeeded to be great communities and created great civilizations. The Middle Eastern people, who dominated the World history and shaped the earth adventure of humanity, have made a significant contribution to the cultural heritage of the world and had an important share in the construction of many civilizations, which had been established out of its geography. The Middle Eastern civilizations, which always stepped forward as a dominant factor in the relations of the civilizations between each other, have been an important reference source for other world civilizations.
The Middle Eastern people, who had such an important role in the past, are inactivated and became unimportant in today’s world. The Middle Eastern Peoples, who became insignificant in their own geographies and became ineffective in their own territories, have no strength left for doing any good for themselves. How far will the Middle East, which became the scapegoat of the global powers and gets into the rut in its own marsh each passing day, spend itself. Has not the Middle East, that lost its role in the world civilization stage and fell into a decline, reached the rock bottom? Is it looking for the rock bottom of the rock bottom if the Middle East, which became global power’s plaything, has not reached the rock bottom yet? Will be there not an end to this undignified and insulting situation?
People living in other geographies of the world dominate the Middle East and try to design it. The global powers, which regard the Middle East like a three-ring circus and consider the wandering around in this geography freely as an accomplishment, take it for granted as their God-given right to act in the Middle East at will and to produce project for it. While the global powers do it, they take the greatest courage from the passiveness of the Middle Eastern countries. Two most important reasons of the passiveness of the Middle Eastern countries are the unconscious people and shortsighted statesmen.
It is quite meaningful for the Middle Eastern People, who established great states and built deep-rooted civilizations, to end up in such an unconscious situation as of today. The Middle Eastern Peoples not only achieved to make a good life for themselves in the past, but also succeeded to create a life-style that set an example for the entire world. The Middle Eastern People showed an effort for the whole world to live in peace, tranquility and welfare, beyond just establishing peace, tranquility and welfare in their own geography, and they had been successful in this to a large extent.
Everyone knows how wrong it will be to explain the point we arrived only with the internal dynamics of the Middle East, while explaining the current situation of the Middle East. Of course, the function of the internal dynamics of the Middle East is significant in the emergence of this shocking and miserable picture in today’s Middle East. However, the main factor putting the Middle East in its present situation is the external dynamics. The Middle East was not left by itself neither in the past nor today, nor tomorrow, in short, it was never left by itself and will also not left by itself hereafter. The Middle East was always tried to be shaped by the Global Powers and it will continue to be shaped in the future. While this shaping is sometimes made stealthily and endearingly, and sometimes it is done straightforwardly, blatantly, forcefully and through violence.
As long as the Middle East does not change its mentality, that means, it will suffer a lot. It will be imaginariness for expecting people, who are not Middle Eastern, to have mercy for the Middle Eastern people, who became even incapable of having mercy for themselves, and to expect them to lick their wounds. As the Middle Eastern peoples, who became unconscientous, turned into fool and experienced abdication of reason, cannot help themselves, they also do not inure to the benefit of their close or distant neighbors.
Despite everything, regardless of how bad the situation is where we stand now, the Middle Eastern people can stop the rot. In spite of all these negativity and misfortune, it is always possible to make good things. The first thing that has to be done here is to analyze the current situation of the Middle East. While the current situation of the Middle East is analyzed, it should be known that as there are publicly exposed faces of events, there is another face of events that is not exposed to public. After all, this is the most important reason why the things are so complex and the solution is so complicated. They are the Middle Eastern people who will feel the impact of the events, good or bad whatever is lived or no matter how events happen, fast or slow. Nothing happens to the global powers that try to snoop into the Middle East from the far end of the world. Both the shed tears and blood belong to the Middle Eastern people. This being the case, the Middle Eastern people being mere spectators to what happens in their own geography, and to be used as a stooge can never be thought. Despite the fact that this reality sits on the fence, the global powers trying to rule and shape the Middle East is the biggest evidence that the Middle Eastern people experience abdication of reason.
If it is not said stop to this state of affairs after all the pains experienced, it is not bearable any more when considering the pains to be experienced later. An emergent solution is needed. The solution must be immediately found and applied. The solution must be perdurable and continuously applicable.
The following must be explicitly stated to the Middle Eastern people;
"You the Middle Eastern peoples!
The Middle East is yours. These territories are ancestral to you. And they will be ancestral to your grandchildren. Appreciate the value of these territories and grant these territories the required value.
The Middle East is the most strategic geography in the world. If it is made use of in the best way, the Middle East is a great gift. Your ancestors who established great civilizations, your ancestors who established great states, your ancestors who spread peace, tranquility and welfare to the world are the biggest evidence of that. However, if the value is not granted or the right not given, the Middle East gives great pain to people. Blood and tears spread over everywhere. The current condition of the Middle East is open.  Therefore, it is a great responsibility to be a Middle Eastern. The responsibility comes by birth and you need to remunerate. If you do not remunerate, you pay with your blood or tears least of all.
Do not be deceived by the global powers. Be on the alert against those Global powers that want to break you down and disintegrate. Never turn your back to those Global powers that look as if they are your friends but lay a snare under you. The global powers never will be your friends in the future as they never were in the past. You need to know and live with that truth.
Your friends are primarily your neighbors. The Middle Eastern people can be best understood again by the other Middle Eastern people. Your problems and issues are common. Look for a solution inside, not outside home. You will accomplish if you analyze your issues together, find solutions to your issues together, and again apply the solution together.
To be a Middle Eastern is not degrading and humiliating as the Global powers stated to you. The degrading ones are the Global powers and their local partners who did wrong to you this much. Never lose your honorable and serious stance against the Global powers and their local partners, who lost their humanity and dignity and nourished by blood and tears. To be a Middle Eastern is a pride. Know the importance and value of being a Middle Eastern and try to deserve it.
Come together, be united, and unite. The Global powers cannot harm you as long as you are united. Never forget that the largest strategy of the Global powers has planned to break you down and disintegrate. Thus, the Global powers did their level best to antagonize you against each other and will continue to do so. You can be strong and rule the Middle East as long as you liaise, and do not dismiss that from your mind.
You cannot instantly save the Middle East. Saving the Middle East, re-establishing peace and tranquility in these territories, and enhancing the level of welfare are not such things that can be realized at once. It will take your half-century at least to get the Middle East to good days just as it took few centuries for the Global powers to turn the Middle East into a marsh. It should not be considered as a long period. The struggle for salvation of the Middle East should not be considered limited with people's lives. The Middle East can be saved with a masterfully fictionalized plan in the time frame that exceeds generations by thinking strategically and developing tactics.
Never forget that the Middle East is yours, so, look after it... ”